Panasonic HVX200
My first real camera purchase, I urgently wanted to have this camcorder (Actually, my grandmother bought it – thank you grandma)
Learned my first real steps when it comes to setting up a camera on this one.
After one year of only filming on the HVX200 (filming miniDV and P2), I invested in the Sony A6300.
Sony A6300
This one was one of my latest, but surely the most profitable purchase when it comes to Cameras.
This Baby Beast handles 4k Video, as well as 24MP Photography.
So despite sensor size and some other, rather minor stats, the Sony A6300 can handle everything the Sony A7II can.



Samyang 12mm, f/2.0
On my trip through Europe I have talked to many people about filming, photography and of course about the right gear as well. Jack Toibin, a friend of mine then recommended me this 12mm lens by Samyang. After half a year of getting excited about this little beast I finally upgraded by gearpack, and the results of this rather cheap lens are amazing. The missing AF and OIS can sometimes make things harder, but then again the right gimbal and focus peaking will do the job.
Sony 18-200mm, f/3.5-6.3
I almost exclusively use this lens in combination with the Sony A6300.
A really handy lens when filming under pressure with just one camera.
High quality lens, brings a really clear image.


Sony 16-50mm, f/3.5-6.3
The Kit Lens I originally got alongside the Sony A6300. Even though I now mostly use the 18-200mm lens for now, this one is still pretty handy on the go.


Minadax 72mm 0.3x Fisheye
My favourite toy right now as I love to film Fisheye with my Panasonic HVX200.
With a step-down ring from 82mm to 72mm, it gives a really good looking image and the resolution is surprisingly well right up to the corners.


Century 82mm 0.4x Fisheye
The first fisheye I invested in for the HVX200, sadly this one doesn’t actually get the fisheye look I actually wanted to achieve.
Still, the quality is spot on amazing and so now I use it whenever I need a wider angle on the HVX200. This Lens was e.g. used in the Video “OBIZZLE II” in combination with the Glidecam XR-4000.




Zhiyun Crane V2 Gimbal
After saving up from recent work I decided to step up my equipment with the Zhiyun Crane V2, which works perfect in combination with my Sony A6300 and the external mic. When balanced correctly, it is just plain fun to film the whole day with this amazing piece of technology.


Glidecam XR-4000
Everyone wants to achieve the perfect and steady shot, and with my Panasonic HVX200 on this Glidecam, the results were truly amazing. Also, I was wearing my Inline Skates when I filmed with the Glidecam, so the shots turned out perfectly.
GIOTTOS Rocket Blower
Indespensable when it comes to lens cleaning. Funny looking gadget, handles the job just the way it should.
hama LENSPEN / several cleaning tissues
The lenspen is IMO also one of the tools no Photographer/Videographer out there should miss out on.
Also, having a few micro faber tissues on the side won’t harm.
Extended Microphone / Wind Shield for Panasonic HVX200
I bought the extended mic together with the HVX200.
But since the HVX200 delivers perfect sound with the built in mic already, I decided to get a wind shield for it and use the extended microphone just for recordings further away from the camera, or for sound recordings (e.g. Interviews, etc.)
Several Battery Packs (Panasonic HVX & Sony A6300)
There is almost nothing worse than filming/taking pictures with the battery running low and no spare batteries.
Even though I charge my used battery packs every evening after they’ve been used, there was no way around of getting spare ones for the case of filming for a longer period of time.