BladeLife in Poland – DAY 3

The third and final day for me has arrived. So far, the vibes and the output we got has been amazing, and it wasn’t any different on this third day! At this point once again thanks to everyone for making this trip what it was! Back in Austria, it’s not common to be out there … More BladeLife in Poland – DAY 3


Writing to my Diary (Visit from the UK – The Blading Part)

Dear Diary… it’s been forever since I last wrote you, mainly because I never had a diary. However, lately I have been stacking up on new content on a daily and since most of the stuff coming together wouldn’t mix up for a greater project and since it would be a pitty for it to … More Writing to my Diary (Visit from the UK – The Blading Part)

spring has arrived.

While Spring has finally shown it’s full beauty in Austria, more and more people from our crew are getting out of their houses to get back on the streets. I took the chance to get first b-roll shots and even a clip of myself skating in the stunning golden hour at our harbour.