OBIZLE JAM II – 5th September 2020

What’s good everybody out there, I’m hoping you’re all well and healthy, and as it’s still a big deal – staying home.

With a healthy amount of optimism and a looot of motivation to be blading again I decided it’s time to be planning another obizzle jam, taking place at the infamous local skatepark “oberau”. This time with an earlier announcement and all with the great hope for the summer to be a regular summer again!


As you may, know, one obizzle jam took place about two years ago on a pretty short notice but nevertheless turned out to be a really fun day with lots of people around! this time we’ll be working on more fun special events, challenges etc. so you better keep an eye out and mark the 5th september 2020!

Follow the event page on Facebook here and also make sure to follow me on Instagram for further updates!


This date will be set until further notice, right now this date seems to be working and we’re hoping that the current situation will be more chilled.



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