Being creative in times of social distancing

IMPORTANT NOTE: this was a one man project, executed in a highly cautious manner to avoid any sort of human contact. please do not see this as an invitation to go outside to socially engage with anyone, and if you don’t have any certain reason to go outside, then please refer from doing so. This is not about you or me, it’s about the people that are seriously threatened by this pandemic.

– – –

I’m guessing the situation these days doesn’t call for any further explanations. It’s now day 15 in quarantine and life sure feels different. And with lots of things that everybody would love to do right now (but can’t), I want to focus on the things that we can enjoy in our everyday lifes – such as taking some extra time on the morning coffee, enjoying the sun through the opened window on a chill spot in the house, even binge watching that series you always wanted, you name it.

As for me I couldn’t hold myself back to just once get the cameras and capture the very own energy of these empty streets.


In my opinion there is one major part of being healthy – and that’s movement. Despite the fact that now, during the time of staying at home and avoiding social contact it’s still important to catch fresh air and move.

So one day I grabbed my cameras and my tripod and drove to locations I knew were always clear.


As with rollerblading – I guess it’s always been pretty easy to avoid human contact since nobody is rollerblading anyway (ha ha). But due to the fact that all skateparks are closed, I had to come up with a more creative solution.

This is the outcome:

Now let’s focus on the actual part of filming and editing:

I shot this on a Sony A6300 + Samyang 12mm f/2.0 for all the wide shots, especially to bring across the vibe of the emtpy village. On my A6300 I have an external mic mounted, which I think made a great difference in sound quality, especially in the shots around the lake. As a second Camera I used a Panasonic HVX200 with Tape for closer shots, especially the action shots. I thought this would spice up the action shots with its retro look – what’s your take on this? Leave a comment!

screenshot – doing a swivel to show off my skates “tattoos”
screenshot – tape recorded the sunset at one of my favorite places to be

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