BladeLife in Poland – DAY 3

The third and final day for me has arrived. So far, the vibes and the output we got has been amazing, and it wasn’t any different on this third day! At this point once again thanks to everyone for making this trip what it was!


Back in Austria, it’s not common to be out there with a crew of almost 20 people that are actually all motivated to blade. And with a wide range of spots and trick selections, I couldn’t have been more entertained by just watching the others shred.


Good vibes, good people and good tricks.

Oh, and we found another abandoned water park that day, with the one exception that instead of being threatened with tear gas, the owner of the restaurant right next to it opened the gates for us to chill in there. Nothing that you could actually skate in there, but still an amazing view.


Why did they actually build so many water parks when they already abandoned like half of them?

Ending the day at one of the most famous spots around I think, the day couldn’t have been better. Never have I had the chance before to sit in a statue and watch my friend fight for his trick, good times.






I guess it’s too hard to put the last day in words, so this time the video is a bit longer, but definitely worth watching!


PEACE and hopefully until next time! Thanks to Miro for the great hospitality and for every blader in Katowice that helped us out and showed us the spots and the great food!


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