BladeLife in Poland – Day 2


After a solid first day in Poland with the crew, I was kind of afraid of getting too tired on the second day. But with such strong positive vibes of the whole crew that joined this weekend, it was almost impossible not to be hyped for another productive day of blading and filming.


The weather was more or less perfect for us, but I think we honestly could have pulled some amazing stuff even if it was raining cats and dogs. After all I think that’s what made this weekend what it was.

Day 2 started at the last spot of day 1.


Usually I’m not the kind of guy to just session a handrail, but with the spot provided right here and the motivation of Matty Vella and the locals of Katowice, this didn’t seem like a big deal anymore. The guys threw down hammers with ease, and I am really looking forward to seeing the full video of the bladelife trip myself.

Moving on to this huuuuge park. Not a skatepark, but just a regular park with places to chill and maybe have a drink or two.



With the whole gang casually striving around the park, having a beer and enjoying the view around, we eventually ended up in this little skatepark, which, to be honest, pretty much sucked.

However, it didn’t take more than 5 minutes until one of the guys noticed the abandoned water park right next to the skatepark.






A breathtaking view and a dryed out waterslide that was actually skateable, what more could you ask for? Maybe a nicer way to get kicked out than getting yelled at in polish whilst fearing that the security guards are going to use that huge can of pepperspray…

Moving on to the next spot in the park and the final spot of the day. Inline skating was more or less over for me that day, I felt that it has been enough. So from there on I was just hanging out with the crew, letting the day find a calm end for myself.


DAY 2 in video form:



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