BladeLife in Poland – Day 1

Since this year’s Winterclash back in February, I gotta say I didn’t get around as much as I wish I was. Thanks to Greg Tawell from Bladelife Clothing, I got the chance to go to Katowice in Poland to be part of our newest project!


So after 13 hours in the train, I was welcomed by almost the whole bladelife crew and what I can only see as the most hospitable scene in blading I ever witnessed! The effort they put in to get a good session going, always looking after what we wanted to skate was something I haven’t seen in many other places, so at this point I have to thank everyone once again for all the love and support we got!


We arrived at this famous marble skatepark in the early evening hours for a fun welcoming session, I instantly felt home at this place.

Then after I almost broke two of my fingers, I set my blades aside and started documenting some of the scenery.
The night went on and around 2:30 AM we picked up Matty Vella from the train station – the crew was complete.

Fast froward to the next day: getting up early, everybody ready to blade. Two cars filled with bladers. Lots of street skating, good vibes and good clips. Too much to write down right here, but already on our first day, we gathered about three clips each, which is a solid start to a memoriable weekend!


In the video below you can see the first evening and the first full day in Katowice with the Bladelife crew!


More updates to follow!



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