Dear Diary… Visit from the UK – Part 2 (non-blading)

Dear Diary…

Already a week passed by since I last wrote to you.
However, I have more to show you from the time we had a visitor here. Turns out there is more to contribute to a good trip than just blading. So during half a day of resting, we decided to go on an adventure to one of the many natural gems our country has to offer.




The sun was burning and the stones we were walking on weren’t always as smooth as you might think. Obviously you can spot the two locals in the pictures above, walking bare feet not minding the occasional sharp stone. Connor, as brave as he was, decided to go for it as well, which gave us some good laughs during the walk.



The way we took was a rather long walk along the river, with lots of opportunities to climb, jump, balance or whatever you felt like doing. Swimming however wasn’t part of the deal since the water is approximately -10 degrees.


After a short break we chose to climb up the cliff, to see one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in real life so far… See it for yourself in the footage I captured that day:



Flo standing right in front of the 13m high cliff

’till next time



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