The TWG Video 2017 – OUT NOW! + Photo Gallery Pt.2

If you are following me on any social media platform, you probably noticed that I’ve announced the TWG Video for a couple of months now. And with the help of the very talented filmer and blader Marius Gaile, we have have been able to show you guys what we’ve been up to!


Being filmed through the whole year and in over 5 countries, it is safe to say that there has never been a project for me where I have put as much effort in as this one.


The video features over 20 bladers from all over europe and even the states, which I am very proud of. A rich variety of styles, approaches to tricks and personalities are what makes this project.



And if you enjoyed this video as much as we do, you can also donate a few bucks on to help us make this years TWG video even bigger! Also stay tuned for smaller, but more frequent updates on TWG content in the future!



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