Goodbye 2017 – A Final Lookback

I hope that I can speak for all of my readers as well when I say that 2017 was yet another great year full of opportunities and fulfilling experiences. Ups and downs along the way made it an interesting ride for me, and I couldn’t be any more thankful for everyone who shared some of their time with me during this crazy trip!

To end this year with a bang, and because I got inspired by Austin Paz’s article (check it out here: I also thought it would be a great idea to reflect and look back through the lens again with my favourite pictures I shot in 2017.




Starting this year still being slightly injured sure sucked blading wise, but my friends still kept going so I would just go along with them, having enough time to really feel the enviroment and get some shots on the side.



From time to time I would also just get out the house by myself just to get a few shots of the beautiful scenery in Austria.



Along all those many pictures I shot during this year, there was also a lot of filming going for the new TWG flick. The next articles will probably be about that (SPOILER).

That would be what happened all through summer I guess, not too many rest days, pretty much blading every day and just enjoying the summer with the people I love.


If something like a rest day took place, it ended probably with a shot like this:

one of the local gems close to my place


Moving closer to now, there was this one thing I was looking forward to the whole year: my trip 2017. Starting in the north and making my way all down south, ending in sunny Israel.





with the gang in cologne

While being injured I made my way back home for a few days, that’s also when I filmed my favourite piece so far with Florian Huemer. So I guess you can always make the best out of the worst.




After my 4 days back home I already felt like getting back on track, which is exactly what I was up to. No blading, just travelling.








Looking back, especially at my time in BCN I feel more thankful than ever for all the amazing memories and new people I met wandering through this crazy world. It is safe to say that the people made this trip what it was.

Coming back however, I found myself again in the middle of Winter in Austria, which meant hardly any skating and lots of snow. But the scenery at that time is as beautiful as it gets. Even though it is physically the most challenging time, the reward when going out to shoot is pretty high.



So this was more or less my 2017, it was great looking back at it this way, and let’s make 2018 another big one! It’s all in our hands!

At this point thanks again and all my love to everyone I met along my path, so grateful for everything!






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