Analog on a Trip – A Sad Lovestory [+GALLERY]

For the 2 months while I was on my trip, I got a lot of great experiences and great memories. But most importantly, I also decided to capture some of said memories.


Besides my Sony A6300, which did an amazing job at any time, I also packed a bunch of disposable cameras, you know, just for the hell of it.



I always liked the own touch of analog film, and I think there are certain situations where analog beats digital by 1000 times (at least). But since I do not own an analog photo camera I had to chose the faster option, which meant, disposable cameras.


All my recent recaps were more or less focussed on the enviroment, the city, the buildings, whatever. But this time, it’s all focussed on the people that made this trip. Everybody I had the chance to talk to and all the people that I hung out or had a beer with. You people are amazing!


Now back to the title: on my way I had 4 cameras à 27 pictures, but due to the fact that the camera that I carried in my backpack somtimes “rolled over” or stuff like that, it happened that it took a picture by itself, which obviously turned out to be all black. So by now, all I have is around 40 pictures, all reminders of one of the best times I had so far i my life.




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