Swinging by Budapest – A Short Recap

I originally didn’t plan on doing another recap about a specific stop on this trip, but on the way home I snook in two days in the city of Budapest to check out the famous thermal baths and heal up in general.


Little did I know that this city would impress me this much on day one. The ground through most parts of Budapest is at least good enough to roll, which led to me not taking off my blades at any time. In fact, I’m sitting in a Starbucks next to the trainstation as I write this wearing my blades, watching blade flicks and editing photos.


Also I was lucky to catch a full day of great weather and all over great vibes of the city. Waking up full of energy and desire to explore a whole new part of this world. Putting on skates in the morning, passing a skatepark randomly for a quick solo session and so the day went on. I think I actually crossed about half of all the tourist spots on my blades, having a blast just rolling around.


At some point I came by the christmas market, which was very inviting for me to try some traditional hungarian food. I have no clue what I actually ate, nor do I know what it was called. And even if, I could probably not pronounce it anyway, so I just jumped in head first in some kind of hash brown plate topped with approximately half a pig.


After stuffing myself with what I think is the vegetarians greasiest nightmare, I continued my journey to one of the thermal baths. I honestly don’t know how people can stay at this place for longer than 2 hours, it’s definitely worth a visit and a great way to let your body heal up, but man, it was so boring. Well I guess I’m just the “jump and flip” kind of guy that needs some kind of action mixed in.


Anyhow, at this point I regret only planning those two days in Budapest, because this city has surely more to offer than I experienced. So I will be back some day, and I can only recommend to everyone out there to do the same.




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