Israel – A Short Recap

My trip is coming to an end after 2 exiciting and memoriable months. So as a last destination, I chose to visit my friend Bobi Spassov and the XCCV gang in Israel.


Right when my plane landed and I made it to the airport hall, I knew that my time would be pretty hard if it wasn’t for the people helping me translate and get trough the cities. Most of the signs are written in hebrew or arabic, so I couldn’t even guess what which sign said. Might be fun at first, until you actually need to know where you’re going.


I’m glad that I chose Israel to be my last stop, since I had another chance here to skate due o perfect summer weather, which made pretty much every place I’ve been to on this trip skateable. Also this time it was a much different experience since the XCCV guys are one of the hardest working people I know in rollerblading. Make sure to follow them to not miss out on future projects like the XCCVOD.


I was staying in a city called Kfar Sava with Bobi and his lovely mother. During the day we usually tried to get out as early as possible to use the most of each day. Filming with those guys can get pretty intense, since they are always aiming for perfection, which is why their VOD is going to be a dope one for sure!


Thanks to Daniel Deitch we also got one day to spend at the Dead Sea, which was off-blading definitely my highlight of this trip. Also thanks to Omri Baum, who joined us here and there to film and showed me around Tel-Aviv at night, even though he is recovering from a shoulder operation. Get well soon brother!


As for the rest, thank you for making my time in Israel such a good one, through ups and downs!
Heading back home now, so this is my last short recap now, there is going to be something coming up though as soon as I get my analog pictures developed.




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