Barcelona – A Short Recap


So this is where I made it to next: the beautiful city of Barcelona, the true heart of Rollerblading in Europe. I initially planned on going to BCN during this time of the year, because I know from back home in Austria how fast Winter can break in and stop you from skating properly. Thanks to my good friend Carmine Tarantino I had an awesome place to stay, you’re a legend!


So this time, I managed to put on my Inline Skates every day of my stay, which is honestly not a hard thing to do here. Spending my days mostly with Jake Bennet, who has a lot of amazing life experiences to share and definitely is motivated enough to do so all day, I am certain to say that this has been my most favourite stay so far.


When talking Videography/Photography now, I mostly focussed on getting back into filming again, which is why there are not too many pictures, but more of a video kind-of recap this time.

So apart from enjoying the sun, the people and the beers, here is my video recap of a 10 days stay in Barcelona:

Camera used: Sony A6300

Next stop on the list is going to be Israel, can’t wait for the experiences to make there!



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