Bucharest – A Short Recap

So after my rather long and more relaxing tourstop in the Netherlands (read the article here), I made my way to Bucharest. Thanks to Matei Lache, who brought up the idea of coming to Romania and Sorin Coseraru, who gave me a couch to stay and and showed me around during my rather short stay.


First stop right after I landed was the Ghetto Park, an amazing indoor park built and maintained by the locals. I got the pleasure to meet quite a few other rollerbladers there and even blade a bit myself.


As interested I may be in blading in eastern european countries, I was mainly fascinated by the city itself. The buildings, the infrastructure and all kinds of minor things are so much different from what I’m used to.


A highlight of my trip here definitely was the village museum, showcasing the arcitectural differences from all the areas in Romania in different times.


Easy to say that I’m easy to impress at that point, and you may be right. But I think I caught enough pictures of my stay to let you see for yourself, that this city has a lot to offer.


Talking blading finally, I didn’t get the chance to go on the streets – which in fact was a good thing for my knee still – but I got some clips at one of the skateparks, which was enough to make a small edit, coming in the next days.


Now that my knee is finally getting back to normal, I’m even more happy to say that my next stop will be in BCN! Let’s see what awaits me there.



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