GONE – A Video by Fabian Gaile

Before you read this article – I initially planned on showing my own projects on this website exclusivly. This time however, I got some insight views of Fabian Gaile’s latest project, and when I asked if I could write a short piece about it, he got straight into it. So with him sending me some promo pictures and contributing a few words, we managed to get this article, have fun!


First things first:

Fabian Gaile is a highly motivated content maker and one of my best friends. His newest work “GONE” is a reflection on what went down this year, all shown in the perspective of rollerblading.

The process of making the video has been going well so far. There have been several changes during the editing, since there is a lot of diversity in the blading of each and every blader in the video. Just a few days ago, I found a track finally matching the different styles and different approaches of the people involved.


The filming mostly took place in parts of Germany and Austria, but as well in Slovenia and Croatia with the help of local bladers.

The general idea of the Video “GONE” has come just a few weeks ago, while I’ve been capturing clips for the whole year already. A lot of changes took place this year, new people coming and other people leaving, but life still goes on no matter what happens.

As for the video itself, there has been no teaser or trailer so far, because I didn’t want to build up everybodys expectations too far. I will name a few people that helped me along the way however, that’s what matters in the end.


Fabian refused to ask bigger blading websites for a feature, because he didn’t want to force any attraction to the video. There are some people in the video that I wouldn’t have thought of myself, and I guess the surprising presence makes their contribution way more enjoyable.

I made the video mostly for myself and the people I met along the way, anyone who doesn’t feel tempted shouldn’t be forced into watching it just because a bigger site in blading promotes it or because I announced certain rollerbladers.


So far, the idea of keeping people in the dark regarding the video has made a lot of them even more interested. Now that winter is arriving in Austria, it is the perfect time to release. Coming November 1st – GONE






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