Groningen – A Short Recap

Some of the people reading this article may have never heard of Groningen before. And I wouldn’t have known this town either if it wasn’t for Bachir Benchagra. The man who single handedly organizes the Parkbattles every year before the Winterclash. Also he is behind several other blade events happening in the Netherlands. Check out Dutch Blade Events for more!


So Groningen is a town all up north of the Netherlands, and there is truly much to see, off and on blades. Too bad for me, the on-blades part had to come short once again, which gave me enough time to fully experience the city and its cultural values.


Apart from a few rest days, I spent this time of my trip going full tourist. I was actually pretty familiar with Groningen itself, so a day in Amsterdam and Rotterdam gave my stay a bit of diversity.


Blading wise, the trip came in just handy for me to get my knee to heal up (still got one street clip done for the #twgvideo). On the last sunday however, we went to the PIER15 skatepark where we met guys from all over the Netherlands again and even guys from Belgium joined the session.


All over the time in Holland was amazing and it was good to see so many faces again and have a laugh together! THANK YOU ALL


Side note: Just got in a conversation with a random airport security guy at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. He asked me where I was from. After I said that I was from Austria he guessed my hometown (which is actually really small) first try and gave me a fistbump. Truly the best airport experience so far.


Now off to Bucharest, new destination, new adventure!




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