From Shred Cologne to Slamm Jamm – A Short Recap

My last week and a half have been a hell of a ride.
Ups and Downs, starting with an amazing weekend in Cologne, Germany. Even though Cologne is probably my least favourite stop for the city itself, it is definitely one of the most amazing weekends every year because of Shred Cologne.


Apart from meeting all kinds of people from all over Europe at this comp, I got to catch up and enjoy sessions with my friends from back home. So Shred Cologne was basically a weekend filled with blading three days straight, watching the comp and also having a couple of beers with people I love.


However, due to an unexpected minor injury after the competition, life led me back home for a few days to rest and also to enjoy the beauty of Autumn. (Got a short Video done in that time – CHECK IT OUT HERE )


After a short stay back in Austria, I was back on track and on my way to Manchester to meet the guys from Bladelife and to get to the famous Slamm Jamm competition in Liverpool.


The competition, taking place in the Rampworks Skatepark, was a real pleasure to watch. The level of skating, the pure exitement of meeting all the people from the UK again and the concept of the event surely made this Slamm Jamm a big one! And whatever comes next, I will try my best to be part of it again!





Besides the competiton, we also had plenty of time to blade in the streets and get a few clips done, so the level of productivity was set pretty high for the last week.

So this has been it for now, 3 countries in a week, now heading to Groningen!











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