Dublin – A Short Recap


Next destination on my list of this ongoing journey led me to the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland. Since this has been the first time for me in the city, the stay wasn’t too much about blading, but more about getting to know the city and its culture itself.


Apart from all the chip shops, which got me hooked instantly, the first thing I got to experience big time was the drinking culture. It is pretty easy to say that I can only talk about very few other cities where going out can be this much fun.
Needless to say though, going out like we did really messed with my abilities to blade properly (still worth it).


You probably read that sign right

Talking blading now, it was a lucky coincidence that also Gregory Preston was staying in Dublin for a few days to get to know the city. That means we got some pretty interesting footage that will make its way into the TWG video 2017.


But blading and drinking local beer doesn’t make a trip to a new city complete, that’s why we slipped in the role of tourists for a day. Armed with our cameras and open to new experiences, we wandered through town.


Greg filming the protest in the city about Abortion Rights


Looking back now at all these fresh memories, I can only say that this was not my last time in Dublin. A city definitely worth a visit, doesn’t matter if you are a blader or not, the city itself has a lot to offer and a lot of hidden gems just waiting to be found.


In the end I got to thank Jack Toibin and his mates Ricky and Phill for the place to stay and for making me feel so welcomed!
Now heading to the Shred Cologne Blade Event!



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