Manchester – A short Recap

I’m writing this as I sit in a café at the airport of Manchester, awaiting my flight to Dublin.
After finishing my final exam for my apprenticeship in Austria, I finally managed to get the courage to quit my job to do what I’ve always wanted to: Travel wherever I feel like.
So the first stop brought me back to Manchester.


So this is where my journey began, in the heart of the United Kingdom. It’s been on my bucket list for ages now, not only because of the people I got to know back in 2015 when visiting the MCR Street Jam, but also because last time I only had about 48 hours to see the city.


Thanks to welcoming residents of Manchester, I actually got the chance to fully experience the city as it is. Already on the first day, we had a proper session going and we were getting some street clips even until late night.


The bladers from around Manchester really know how to keep up a good vibe during sessions and even if you’re just having a beer afterwards. Jim Acres, who’s place I was staying at (and also the guy who taught me the art of misspelling every word in the english language) not only showed me around the places to blade in the city, but also the fascinating nature scene outside of town.


Arriving i the middle of nowhere after a one hour ride on a petrol train, we got an adventure through a forrest that actually looked like it was inspired by a harry potter movie.

This shot was shot with a 1sec shutter, handheld


Blading wise, we all managed to get a lot of great footage for the upcoming TWG video.
Now on to the next adventure



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