Written by Michael Witzemann
Video and Photography by Michael Witzemann

IG: @michaelwitzemann @wndws1992


It’s always nice to meet people that have a vision and that put all the effort they can in achieving those dreams. One of my good friends, who formerly went under the name of “YUNG PERY” is exactly that kind of guy.


Originally coming up as a student in physics, he quit going this path to pursue the dream of being a creative individual, making music, art and on top of that, organizing parties.


I went to the almost all of those parties he threw last year, sometimes to get some video coverage (with one time with one of my favourite Videographers out there – Marius Gaile), sometimes just to have a good time. Especially the preparation was always really fun, and of course you usually get some cool bonus footage.


And now to mark the first year of organizing events, there will be another big one this Saturday at the local “Rauch Club” in Feldkirch, but from now on under the name of “WNDWS“. Just to make sure you’re not missing out, here is the video from the last event!




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