#BLADELIFE – Welcome to the Family

Filmed by Marius Gaile
Additional Angles: Florian Huemer, Fabian Gaile
Photography: Marius Gaile
Cameras used: Sony A6300, Panasonic HVX200

As mentioned in the “About” Section, one of my biggest passions in life is Rollerblading. Since I started, I was always thankful for the opportunities it has been giving me. Nowadays, you can see that I am loving this sport even from far in the distance and I try my best to get it back out there.

The Bladelife Clothing Brand from the UK has been helping me a lot when it comes to representing the community. And it was about two months ago when I was added to their team.

After that, with the help of the TWG Crew we tried our best to make a proper official introduction with an own section and a few pictures on the side.

And btw, I’m also happy to say that this is my first official Blading Video since I broke my leg back in October 2016.

Get your own Bladelife stuff here


540 Flying Fish
me trying to look serious once in my life


Get your own Bladelife stuff here


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